Presentation uses the latest multimedia technology to create stunning experiences and bring stories to life. Our broad range of creative skills leads to unique projects that blend concept creation, content development and hardware integration. We do this all over the world for museums and science centres that want to move forward, for high-end events and corporate clients. In-house, we create immersive art experiences that allow wide audiences to discover art in a new way. By creating these accessible and yet high-end digital concepts, we transform culture heritage into lasting memories.

Note of intent


Orbit is the on-earth equivalent of a journey in outer space as a tribute to the early space explorations. It is a space epic, where we are the heroes travelling beyond the edges of our galaxy.  Using the enormous scale of Atelier des Lumières, coupled with super high resolution 3D renders, animations and a compelling soundtrack, the viewer gets immersed in the beauty of outer space. The planets in our solar system, a distant galaxy and an approaching black hole come to life and take us on a journey to explore what’s outside our atmosphere.

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