Nohlab is a studio, focused on producing interdisciplinary experiences around art, design and technology. It builds a bridge between the digital and the physical reality, while examining the relationship of technology with art and design. It produces tools, designs and stories in which the connection between the human and technology reflects in many different ways.
Nohlab designs different experiences for each work produced. While it creates stories bridging a mutual relation between perception and experience, Nohlab avoids imagery and direct expression. In its works, the participants are expected to experience a new thing each time, and by those experiences new information gets processed and though them participation and encounters take place.

Note of intent


Journey is an experiential glimpse into the nascence of photons-the primary elements of light. This experience depicts the process of our brains turning photons into perceivable forms.

Our journey follows the photons through every layer of an eye, from their formation in blank space to where they finally come to life in explicit forms and images which the brain perceives. We experience everything  photons withstand throughout their travel from the Iris, to the brain via various layers. Embodying the various structural transformations they surpass, the spiral downfall of the journey turns finally into data the brain can reconstruct into vision.

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