OUCHHH is an award-winning independent creative new media agency with expertise in graphic design, animation, public art, motion graphics and sound design. We consider ourselves to be a multidisciplinary creative hub focused on interactive new media platforms, installations, kinetic sculptures, immersive experiences, offering direction, art direction and producing video mapping projections. Consists of varied talent, from Ai Artists, engineers, academicians, creative coders, designers, motion graphic and media artists all with one synced vision that knowledge creates an epic public experience. Ouchhh has an office in Istanbul, and partnerships in Los Angeles, Vienna, Barcelona, Paris and Berlin.

Note of intent


What would happen if the consciousness of the world’s oldest data on origins and artificial intelligence converged to create a hybrid public architectural art? We created DATAMONOLITH using the world’s oldest data! Using generative adversary networks and AI algorithms, we have created a new data block to learn from the Gobeklitepe (Neolithic B) data. Göbekli Tepe is perhaps the oldest temple in the world and in many ways considered to be the epicentre of history. Reflecting a society living at a crucial period of transition in the history of humanity, Göbekli Tepe is the first monument of architecture. Its excavations are crucial to our understanding of the prehistory of humanity. Until recently, it was thought that monumental structures of this scale could only be achieved by populations at an already advanced stage of evolution. Göbekli Tepe sweeps away this theory and shows that there was already an extremely complex social order and technology.

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