Superbien is a global experiential content studio based in New York, Paris and Montpellier. As a creative toolkit for agencies, brands, artists and institutions, we offer a wide range of services available at every stage of a creation process. Through a rigorous savoir-faire we craft and deliver unique combinations of technology and emotion to turn human experiences into lasting memories.

Note of intent


We propose to highlight our interpretation of a gravitational anomaly called “Siderea”, an unknown force located at the confines of the Universe, in the center of the Great Attractor.

Beyond what our eyes and minds could have imagined, and using geometric and scientific landmarks to set up a palpable and dimensioned universe, we wish to tell a deeply immersive story, exploring the emotion that can arise from the discovery of such a stellar phenomenon. Freely inspired by the exceptional explorations and advances made in the field of astronomy, we wish to use the Atelier Des Lumières as a privileged place to observe this extraordinary celestial object, in the most literal sense of the term.

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